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About Joe

Joe is the Marketing Strategist for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World.

He writes and speaks about practical ways to grow spiritually on the path of following Jesus.

He writes a regular blog here, and lives in New Orleans with Kristin his wife and their two kids, Graham and Hadley.

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Joe Fontenot

Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World

A daily and vibrant prayer life is more than possible–it’s within reach.

Learn how to create successful habits, use your willpower effectively, and focus in the middle of a busy world.


More about the book

The Death of a Wasp

by Joe Fontenot in Walking Along the Path

I hate wasps. Fast, flying, and stinging. I saw a dead one the other day. I liked that. But then a thought occurred to me…some people are a lot like wasps.

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Telescopes vs. Microscopes vs. God vs. Me

by Joe Fontenot in Uncategorized

When you’re lost in the foliage, everything and nothing looks like the path. So…what do you do?

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Do You Ever Actually Hear from God?

by Joe Fontenot in Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines

The difference between passive listening and active listening, and 3 practical ways you can begin active listening in your prayer time.

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