The ideas that have changed my life most are what I write about here.

About Joe

I'm the Marketing Strategist for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

I'm also working on my first book, Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines, a guide to carving out a daily prayer time.

I write a weekly blog about the things that interest and perplex me.

You can read my full bio here.

Joe Fontenot

Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: Learning to Find God in a Noisy World

In Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines I pull from over 20 psychologists, neurologists, and behaviorists to answer the same question: what does it takes to create a regular and dependable time with God?

A daily and vibrant prayer life is more than possible–it’s within reach. But it starts with first understanding how God wired us. From there, it’s a matter of following the right path.

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It’s All My Fault

by Joe Fontenot in Success Habits

Why this makes you more responsible, and, in the process, forces you into the live Jesus intended.

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Using this Punctuation Will Make You a Better Friend

by Joe Fontenot in Foundations of Leadership

How do we go from a world of superficial friends to community of actual friends? One way is to think in questions. This changes your focus from you to them.

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When We’re Too Good at Fighting

by Joe Fontenot in Foundations of Leadership

Answers in Genesis opened their Noah’s Ark exhibit to a storm of criticism from inside the Christian community. And I couldn’t help but think: wait, we’re all Christians here–why are we shooting at each other?

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