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About Joe

Joe is the Marketing Strategist for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World.

He writes a regular blog here, and lives in New Orleans with his wife and two kids. Read more about him here.

Joe Fontenot

Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World

A daily and vibrant prayer life is more than possible–it’s within reach.

Learn how to create successful habits, use your willpower effectively, and focus in the middle of a busy world.

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Tweaking it to Oblivion

by Joe Fontenot in Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines, Success Habits

Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about not quitting. It’s about moving forward in spite of imperfections. And that’s a whole lot harder to do than say.

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It’s All My Fault

by Joe Fontenot in Success Habits

Why this makes you more responsible, and, in the process, forces you into the live Jesus intended.

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Using this Punctuation Will Make You a Better Friend

by Joe Fontenot in Foundations of Leadership

How do we go from a world of superficial friends to community of actual friends? One way is to think in questions. This changes your focus from you to them.

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