Profile Pic A Oct 2012 circleNew Orleans is an interesting place to grow up. I didn’t realize how interesting it was until after I’d visited a lot of other places. In New Orleans music flows free and people are legally allowed to walk outside while they drink beer.

There’s an open and unconventional way about this place. And I think that’s shaped me a little.

I have degrees in marketing and Christian apologetics and am the marketing strategist for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the largest seminaries in the United States. I also do marketing consulting through my company, five round rocks consulting, for leaders looking to better reach their audiences. If you’re interested, feel free to visit us here.

I became a follower of Jesus as a little boy. My understanding of that has grown with me. And today I see myself living between two poles. The first is that we live in a hurtful world. And the second is that there’s hope for us.

Somewhere in the middle of this Jesus has planted in me a desire to help others know Him and live in His hope.

If I have a single light in all of this, it’s Him.

My wife, Kristin, helps me everyday on this meandering path.

Fontenot Family October 2015She’s my metronome. She teaches me
how to use a filter, and she pushes me to fight more than I sometimes want to.

In 2013 a new kind of love entered our lives.

And again in 2015.

Graham and Hadley.

There is no substitute for their sweet spirits. We live our todays for their futures.

I am the author of the book, Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines, a practical guide to carving out a daily time of prayer. My next book, How to Colonize Mars, is a field guide to discipleship. It is due out 2018.