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When We’re Too Good at Fighting

Answers in Genesis opened their Noah’s Ark exhibit to a storm of criticism from inside the Christian community. And I couldn’t help but think: wait, we’re all Christians here–why are we shooting at each other?

The Funnel

Everything we know is a filter for everything we see. When we know God, we know love. Why then are we so eager to kill each other?

Jesus and the GOP

A lot of people confuse the conservative party of America with Christianity. But the two things are fundamentally different.

Was Jesus a Politician?

Relationships are the essence of politics. Jesus’ entire ministry was about showing us a better way. His way.
In this political season, where does Jesus want his followers?

The Silent Middle of Leadership

Anyone who’s either brave or stupid can grab the reigns. But it’s a special kind of person who can move us forward without losing us all in the process.

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