You’re a Fraud and That’s Okay

by Joe Fontenot in How to Colonize Mars

This is an excerpt from my new book about discipleship, How to Colonize Mars, due out in the Fall.

The Death of a Wasp

by Joe Fontenot in Walking Along the Path

I hate wasps. Fast, flying, and stinging. I saw a dead one the other day. I liked that. But then a thought occurred to me…some people are a lot like wasps.

Telescopes vs. Microscopes vs. God vs. Me

by Joe Fontenot in Uncategorized

When you’re lost in the foliage, everything and nothing looks like the path. So…what do you do?

Do You Ever Actually Hear from God?

The difference between passive listening and active listening, and 3 practical ways you can begin active listening in your prayer time.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Take a Stand?

Some things are too important to mess up. But ironically, it’s for this reason we often make a mess of things. I am learning again, from my children, a way forward.

Tweaking it to Oblivion

Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about not quitting. It’s about moving forward in spite of imperfections. And that’s a whole lot harder to do than say.

It’s All My Fault

by Joe Fontenot in Success Habits

Why this makes you more responsible, and, in the process, forces you into the life Jesus intended.

Using this Punctuation Will Make You a Better Friend

by Joe Fontenot in Foundations of Leadership

How do we go from a world of superficial friends to community of actual friends? One way is to think in questions. This changes your focus from you to them.

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