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What does it take to establish a regular prayer time? Often, a crisis will do it. But what about the rest of the time–the time when life is good? This is when our prayer habits tend to wane.

In this book, Joe pulls from over 20 psychologists, neurologists, and behaviorists to describe exactly what it takes to create the habits and structure necessary to have a regular and dependable time with God.

In It You Will Learn:

• How to create a successful habit—and how to build it into your already busy schedule.
• Why relying on willpower alone isn’t enough to make and keep good changes.
• How to leverage small changes to your diet and physical routine for big impact on energy and motivation.
• How to stop and focus, even with a thousand things on your mind.

A daily and vibrant prayer life is more than possible–it’s within reach. But it starts with first understanding how God’s wired us. From there, it’s a matter of following the right path. That’s what this book is about.

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“Joe Fontenot has tackled the issue of spiritual disciplines from a fresh perspective. Easy to read. He does a great job.”

David Crosby

Pastor of First Baptist New Orleans and author of The Care Effect

“When members of my church fight to start a healthy prayer life, I struggle to offer clear advice on getting started. Not any more.”

-Josh Taylor

Administrative Pastor at People of Mars Hill Church

“This practical guide for building spiritual disciplines goes the extra mile in defining the specific steps.”

-Matt Diehl

Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church of Picayune

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