Two Thumbs Up: How the Resurrection Passes the Historical Test

by Joe Fontenot in Apologetics, Current Events

A survey of the Minimal Facts method established by Habermas/Licona.

The Funnel

Everything we know is a filter for everything we see. When we know God, we know love. Why then are we so eager to kill each other?

What Should We Do If We Lose Religious Freedom?

by Joe Fontenot in Conquering Fear, Current Events

For the Church, the implications may be anywhere from loosing tax exemption status to lawsuits for some institutions who stand by their biblical convictions. But what’s interesting is that Jesus unambiguously gave us the solution two-thousand years ago.


by Joe Fontenot in Current Events

It’s Easter. Today we celebrate the single most important fact of life: we have hope! For those who knew him, it took a while to understand. The implications of Jesus, who was clearly dead, but is now alive again, were slow coming. There has never been a movement that has spread harder and stronger than […]

The Virtue of Halloween

by Joe Fontenot in Current Events

Would Jesus trick-or-treat? Or really, would Jesus let his kids trick-or-treat? I know this is stacking hypotheticals.  But what I mean is should parents who want to be followers of Jesus let their kids trick-or-treat? And if I do, am I supporting some ancient pagan witchology because my kid dressed up like a little red-forked […]

Why the Ashely Madison hackers failed

by Joe Fontenot in Current Events

There seemed to be something Edward Snowden-y about the Impact Team–the hackers who exposed Ashley Madison’s customer list.  Taking down big corruption.  Not stealing a dime.  All for the purpose of exposing hypocrisy. But that’s too bad. I wish they would have taken their dimes.  All of them.  Maybe then they would have done something good. “We […]

The Religious King [cake]

by Joe Fontenot in Current Events

King Cake Baby

Photo Credit: Caitee Smith from here via CC.

In New Orleans today, it’s Mardi Gras.  Well, I suppose it’s Mardi Gras everywhere, it’s just celebrated heavily—heavily—here.

That means streets have been shut down for a solid two weeks now, people are collecting tacky, plastic jewelry by the ton, and normal cinnamon bread has been bathed in a few-too-many healthy douses of pure-sugar to become a true gift from God.

Oh, Mardi Gras.

So far this season I’ve been to three parades—hardly a number to brag about, except that I found myself at none of them on purpose. Read More

Who can rescue this?

by Joe Fontenot in Current Events

Last week when everyone’s heads were turned toward Paris, there was another terrorist attack in a town called Baga in Nigeria.  This time it was aimed against Christians.  And this time a group of motorbike riding terrorists killed “hundreds…too many to count,” says a Guardian article.

Actually, their number was countable.  About 2,000.

The article goes on to say that most victims were women, children, and elderly.  Because they were not fast enough to escape the murderers with engines between their legs.

Where does relief from something like this come from?

The first decades of Christianity started like this.  In the New Testament the book of Acts tells this story.

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