Have you ever noticed how most of the people in church don’t do anything? Disclaimer: this isn’t a rant. But, it’s true, right? Most of the people who go to church treat it more like a football game. I pay my tithe (if I do), and you play music that makes me feel good and stuff knowledge about the Bible into my head. That’s basically it. The people who stand on stage are qualified. And most of the rest are just, well, clapping. But I’m…Continue Reading “How to Find Your (Spiritual) Theme”

When my brother was younger, I found him sticking a paperclip into a outlet. I knocked it out his hand. “Sam, are crazy!?” “What? I just wanted to see what would happen.” Later that year–unbeknownst to Sam–I was doing my own experiment with my ceiling fan and electrocuted myself. It scared the mess out of me. I was twelve. In the eighties, when VHS tapes cost about $100 each, my dad started a business where he partnered with local grocery stores to rent them out for…Continue Reading “3 Months of Fasting (& Why You Might Want to Try This)”

I used to have a boss with a mouth like a longshoreman. He was a Christian, he told me. (Of course.) And he tried, up and down, to justify his prolific use of the f-word. And while his arguments were silly, it got me thinking. Why are bad words bad? God Never Said… It’s true. God never says: Don’t say the f-word. That, and all of our four-letter-words were created long after the Bible was written. But I’m sure there were dirty words 2,000 years ago. Why were those…Continue Reading “The Theology of Curse Words”