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How the Valuation of God Will Make You Think Differently

The little ones cry a lot. They’re ruled almost completely by their emotions. And most of the time they haven’t even figured out how to use their words yet to communicate what’s wrong. This is tied in to God and his grace.

The thing we Need but don’t always See.

It strikes me how much these little ones need us. But not just to give them food or a place to live. They need us on a much deeper level. They need to know they are valuable to us. And they need to feel that.

My toddler is a terrible driver

Photo Credit: OpenIcons from here via CC. Having a kid has helped me to see a little bit of what God must be seeing when he looks at us. I put Graham in his stroller the other morning, and we went for a tour of our neighborhood. About half way through, he decided he...

Beyond the Land of Alarms

In a couple of months, our little girl, Hadley, will be born. Graham is almost two now, and running has become his primary form of communication.  Baby proofing the house was a funny joke.  And personal time and space was, I think, a course I took back in college—a...

What this Christian learned from Nick Jr.

Photo Credit: Dylan Fagan from here via CC. Nick Jr is a TV channel aimed at kids aged 2-6. Years back, marketers learned the value of selling to kids.  Cereal became a Saturday morning cartoon.  And then by Saturday afternoon at the grocery, kids are tossing their...

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