When it comes to the careful art of negotiation, I’m learning–painfully–from my toddler. Last night, Graham asked for crackers before bed. I said, “okay, just one.” He said, “two,” reinforced by his concentrated effort to show me two fingers (which is a two-handed job). Okay, I applaud your effort.  “JUST two–no more.” He nods his head.  Good.  I fish out two crackers. As I turn back to Graham to hand them to him, he holds up five fingers like a stop sign: “Fie.” “What?  No, two” “Fie!”  At this…Continue Reading “Yesterday I drew a line in my Toddler’s sandbox, and he crossed it.”

In a couple of months, our little girl, Hadley, will be born.

Graham is almost two now, and running has become his primary form of communication.  Baby proofing the house was a funny joke.  And personal time and space was, I think, a course I took back in college—a long, long time ago.

For all their clumsiness, though, toddlers are blazingly fast.  Almost as soon as I heard the plunking sound of the paci hitting the toilet water, a dripping little hand

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Nick Jr

Photo Credit: Dylan Fagan from here via CC.

Nick Jr is a TV channel aimed at kids aged 2-6.

Years back, marketers learned the value of selling to kids.  Cereal became a Saturday morning cartoon.  And then by Saturday afternoon at the grocery, kids are tossing their favorite cartoon-cereal—which is low enough for them to pick up themselves—into the grocery shopping cart, and poor moms are too spent to fight another battle.  Marketing is bad.

But Nick Jr doesn’t do that.

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Press on.

I thought about ending it there.  But maybe just a tad more.  In a unique kind of way, parenthood has forced me into this lesson, because once my son was here, the alternative (giving up) was unacceptable.

Since pre-college I’ve been fascinated with small-businesses.  I used to think entrepreneurs were the smartest people in the world.  

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