I don’t know if it’s true, but the number one reason I hear from people who are not interested in church is that it’s full of hypocrites. And, I agree. It is full of hypocrites. That’s the whole idea behind becoming more like Jesus. It’s a fight and a struggle, and all the failure in between is, well, hypocritical. But there’s a difference between trying and failing and outright manipulation. A difference, I would add, that in the hands of the right people is deceptively hard…Continue Reading “How to Spot a Con”

I’m not a Rolling Stones fan because of their music (or their sweet spirits). I only became a fan, if you could call it that, after I read Rich Cohen’s wonderful (and sometimes irreverent) book, The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones. What struck me was how human and mortal and, often, mediocre, the Rollings Stones were (and still are). These guys have persisted to near legendary status, but yet, they’re not legends. They’re not even that special. They’re just people. The same is often true for us–followers of God–called to…Continue Reading “5 Lessons I Learned About Ministry from the Rolling Stones”

What I mean is: Which path is the most fulfilling? Ultimately, I believe a person is happiest when they’re doing the thing they were created to do. That’s your passion. And there’s loads of motivational advice out there saying follow your passion. I agree, you should. But what if you don’t know what your passion is?  What then? I know many people who struggle with this. And for a long time, I did too. How’s a person supposed to follow their passion if they don’t know what…Continue Reading “Which makes a person happier: following their passion or following their pain?”

When it comes to the careful art of negotiation, I’m learning–painfully–from my toddler. Last night, Graham asked for crackers before bed. I said, “okay, just one.” He said, “two,” reinforced by his concentrated effort to show me two fingers (which is a two-handed job). Okay, I applaud your effort.  “JUST two–no more.” He nods his head.  Good.  I fish out two crackers. As I turn back to Graham to hand them to him, he holds up five fingers like a stop sign: “Fie.” “What?  No, two” “Fie!”  At this…Continue Reading “Yesterday I drew a line in my Toddler’s sandbox, and he crossed it.”