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Joe FontenotBRIEF BIO

Joe grew up in the church as the grandson of a pastor. After graduating with a degree in marketing, he spent a decade working in humanitarian aid logistics. In 2015 he graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in Christian apologetics. And in 2016 he began working as their marketing strategist.

In 2016 he founded Five Round Rocks Media, LLC, an organization which trains churches in the elements of narrative to communicate with a culture that no longer understands the basics of the Gospel story.

He is the author of Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines (2016) and How to Colonize Mars (coming 2017), a practical book on discipleship. He lives in New Orleans with my wife and two kids.


Joe’s Meyers-Briggs personality type is an ENFJ (represented by about 2% of the population).

“When it comes to finding a career, people with the ENFJ personality type cast their eyes towards anything that lets them do what they love most – helping other people! Lucky for them, people like being helped, and are even willing to pay for it, which means that ENFJs are rarely wanting for inspiration and opportunity in their search for meaningful work.”

You can read more about that specific profile here.


Post-Grad Courses in Education and Discipleship (Current)

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (2015)

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Science in Marketing (2006)

University of New Orleans


How to Colonize Mars: A Boots on the Ground Look at Discipleship

Paperback. Published by Five Round Rocks Media, LLC. Coming 2017.

The 8 Principles of Story Telling

eBook. Published by Five Round Rocks Media, LLC. 2017.

“From a Satisfied Customer: Nuts and Bolts of Door to Door Evangelism with Preston Nix”

Article. Published in Vision magazine. Fall 2016.

“Doctor of Music Arts Program Sees Amazing Growth”

Article. Published in Vision magazine. Fall 2016.

Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World

Paperback, 132 pages. Published by Five Round Rocks Media, LLC. 2016.

Always Curious Series of Apologetics eBooks

eBook (series). Self-published on 2016-2017.

Life Is Better After Failure: 3 Lessons from 3 Failed Businesses

eBook. Self-published on 2016.



• Small business branding consulting
• Proposals: Annual advertising budget, various fundraising campaigns (NOBTS)
• Book publishing and company start-up


• Communication Team Leader, 2017 Capital Campaign (FBNO)
• Led team of 3 (Missionary Expediters)
• 3-years term on Missions Committee; deciding new countries to establish mission work (FBNO)
• Co-planned annual logistics conference, including hiring international speakers (Missionary Expediters)

Public Speaking

• Supply Preaching in MS and LA, since 2013
• Preaching intern to Dr. David Crosby (FBNO)
• Regular Speaker, Wednesday night (FBNO)
• Emcee MX Logistics Forum (Missionary Expediters)


• Currently teaching 35-50 age Bible Study class
• Previously taught 11th-12th grade co-ed
• Previously taught 7th-8th grade boys
• Established, wrote curriculum, and taught Apologetics class
• Fielded open questions on all topics, including difficult and sensitive issues


• Supervised day-to-day heavy machine employees
• Organized special projects, including cranes, tight deadlines
• International logistics: created budget, supervise execution across borders


• International mission trip to Accra, Ghana, West Africa
• Leadership for Youth Mission Trip (35 kids) to Iowa
• Local missions to homeless in New Orleans
• Sunday School Teacher since 2012

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