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Joe is a writer and the Marketing Strategist for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. And he is author of Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to Find God in a Noisy World.

He writes and speaks about practical ways to grow spiritually on the path of following Jesus.

He lives in New Orleans with Kristin his wife and their two kids, Graham and Hadley.



Growing up in New Orleans gives one a unique perspective on life. There's an open and unconventional way about it. And Joe says this has played its part in shaping his thinking.

Joe is a writer and the marketing srategist for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Life Hacking Spiritual Disciplines: How to find God in a Noisy World, and his second book, How to Colonize Mars: A Practical Guide to Discipleship, is due out in August of 2017.

He is also the founder of five round rocks consulting, a marketing firm that helps leaders better reach their audiences.

Joe graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2006 with a bachelor’s in marketing. He spent the next decade in international logistics moving humanitarian aid cargo all over the world. In 2015 he graduated with a master’s in Christian apologetics, and today he helps NOBTS target their brand.

He became a follower of Jesus as a little boy. And like all former little boys, his understanding of that has grown with him. Today he sees himself living between two poles. The first is that we live in a hurtful world. And the second is that there’s hope for us.

Somewhere in the middle of this Jesus has planted in him a desire to help others know Him and live in His hope.

He lives in New Orleans with his wife, Kristin, and their two kids: Graham and Hadley.

He is a hobbyist photographer.