Popular Talks

Here are a few of the current talks Joe gives:

moving-from-zero-to-oneMoving From Zero to One: Why You’re Spiritual Life is Stuck And How To Move Forward

Willpower is necessary to get started, but we often burden it with much more than it’s meant for. So much more, in fact, that the ship sinks and we fail. After a while, we begin to believe this is a limitation. Success in the Christian life, on the other hand, is a combination of believing the promises of God and using the tools he’s already given us.

This talk covers:

  • The Role of Willpower
  • What Takes Over After Willpower?
  • How to Sustain in the Long Term

believe-it-or-not-presentationBelieve It Or Not: Moving From The Inside Out To Become an Active Disciple

Our beliefs determine so much of what we do. In fact, they are often both our number one kick-starters and our greatest enemies. When we learn to have healthy beliefs, we transform into the people who God designed and intended for us to be.

This talk covers:

  • The Place You’re Most Likely to Get Off Track
  • What does God Say on the Matter?
  • The Most Effective Way to Practice (Hint: It’s Not Alone)

over-the-edge-presentationOver the Edge of the Wild: Why There’s No Sideline in Spiritual Warfare

In America, we live in a modern-turned-postmodern society that on the one hand laughs at spiritual things while on the other exalts them unquestioningly. Yet, the Bible presents a very clear picture of a life immersed in a spiritual war. How do we effectively navigate this in today’s landscape?

This talk covers:

  • Angels & Demons: Is This Stuff For Real?
  • Why Don’t I See Miracles Like in the Bible?
  • Where Do I Fit into All of This?


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