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Joe FontenotLife Hacking Spiritual Disciplines

If you struggle to maintain a regular prayer and Bible-reading time, this book is for you.

It’s a combination of industry-leading research, as well as my own trial-and-error attempts, at creating the habits of spiritual disciplines that stick.

Learn today how to carve out a daily time with God.

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Life Is Better After Failure: 3 Lessons from 3 Failed Businesses by Joe Fontenot

Life Is Better After Failure: 3 Lessons from 3 Failed Businesses by Joe Fontenot

Life is Better After Failure

Too many times, we as Christians spiritualize our spiritual lives.

We take the spiritual lessons and examples, and we use strange words and even stranger contexts to describe them. But nothing about that rings true to real life.

Instead, I believe God teaches us as we go—in the midst of real life and real pain.

This book is about three lessons I’ve learned on my path. They’ve made me a better friend, a better worker, and, truly, a better person. And this, I believe, is how God teaches us.

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christian-apologetics-3daA Beginner’s Guide to Christian Apologetics

As our country and society move further from God, the word apologetics is getting more and more air time in the church.

But what is apologetics?

This concise guide will walk you through the basics, giving you the background and verbiage necessary to step into the conversation.

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historical-record-3daLet the Historical Record Show

With both popular- and academic-level voices telling us the Bible we hold today probably isn’t original; and whatever parts might have been original, the remainder, we hear, is riddled with errors.

Where do we turn? Can we trust the Bible we hold today?

Fortunately, history and scholarship tell a different story.

In this second brief guide, we look at the fundamental question: is the Bible we hold today the same as it’s always been?

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Reasonable or Irrational?

Faith is a leap. By definition it requires us to make a jump. Popular writers like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris say that jump is unwarranted and is a picture of blind faith.

In an age that has more religions and variants of those religions than toothpaste brands, how do we know Christianity is not just another crazy strand? And is our faith the reasonable position?

Reasonable or Irrational? examines the question of a faith from the vantage point of reason.

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LGBTQ. Is this really love? (Coming soon)

With Christian organizations forced, under threat of law, to do work that goes against their morals, and with schools and stores opening bathrooms to kids of both sexes, where is the Christian left?

Should we fight? Or should we withdraw? How do we maintain our principles while still keeping an honest conversation open?

LGBTQ looks at how the principles Jesus taught can be apply today to reaching a world that is confused (and in some cases militant) about sexuality.

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Science & the Bible

Are science and the Bible incompatible? To be a good scientist, do I have to disregard the Bible? And if I choose the Bible, do I have to reject science?

The truth is, there’s a middle ground. And it doesn’t involve compromise. But it does require some thinking.

This short ebook addresses two critical issues: How old is the Earth? And is Evolution viable.

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