When We’re Too Good at Fighting

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Last week, Answers in Genesis (AiG) opened their 510 foot replica of Noah’s Ark.

That same day, my Facebook feed filled with other Christian organizations criticizing AiG. Many of my friends, too, posted their own scathings.

I couldn’t help but think: wait, we’re all Christians here…why are we shooting at each other? Because we disagree with something we can’t prove? In case you’re not familiar, AiG believes God created the earth about 6,000 years ago. Others believe he did along the 4.5 billion year timeline. (And there’s a whole smattering that believes something in-between.)

But we still can’t prove it either way, because it’s a question of historic investigation. We can’t recreate any of that. All we can do is deduce or abduce based on the evidence. And even that’s based on our judgement.

We can take a vote. And we can all agree on the exact same everything. But even that won’t prove that it’s right. That only proves we know how to agree. Which we don’t.

And that’s okay.

Removing disagreement is not the end-all.

But it’s how we handle that disagreement—that’s what makes Christians stand out.

In John 17, Jesus prays that all of his followers will exist in unity just like he and the father do.

That’s a pretty air-tight simile.

I think it would be a bit naive to think Jesus prayed that believing we wouldn’t be a group of dissenters. Of course not. He knew us. Yet he still prayed for us to have that rock-solid unity.

I think instead of focusing our efforts on showing why we’re wrong, we should be focusing on showing where we’re right. Like: we’ve all been rescued. And, good news for all, there’s still lots of room on this boat.

I’m a freelance writer. Working on my first book, due out end of 2016.

2 thoughts on “When We’re Too Good at Fighting

  1. I agree Joe. I was saddened by the many responses from Christians attacking Ken Ham’s project. “Why is spending millions of dollars on this project when there are people starving in KY”, and much more brutal attacks. I had to wonder how many of those who were blasting him for doing this and not feeding the poor, were themselves involved in feeding the poor. Why is he doing this? Because he is called to do this. God has gifted him and given him a passion for scientifically defending the authenticity of the Word of God as written in Genesis. It is the foundation of our faith. If we don’t believe Genesis then what is the foundation of our understanding of who God is and who we are. He was not called and/or gifted for feeding the poor. He was not called or gifted for leading worship. He is functioning and following the unique call that God has given Him. That is what we should all be doing.

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