The Virtue of Halloween

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Peppa Pig PumpkinWould Jesus trick-or-treat?

Or really, would Jesus let his kids trick-or-treat?

I know this is stacking hypotheticals.  But what I mean is should parents who want to be followers of Jesus let their kids trick-or-treat?

And if I do, am I supporting some ancient pagan witchology because my kid dressed up like a little red-forked devil?

Probably no more than eggs at Easter pushes them towards becoming fertility goddesses.

I think Jesus would point us toward the deeper issue.

Jesus went to parties with sinners so that he could talk to them.  People weren’t on a punch-list of his.  They were his destination.

And…aren’t we those same people?

Halloween is great because the whole entire neighborhood comes out and visits each other. And unlike those stuffy night-against-crime “parties,” people are talking and excited.  When else does this happen?

Wouldn’t Jesus say to his followers: yes, go there…I did.

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