Why is God so quiet?

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blank notepadI’ve been learning a lesson recently.

All my adult life I’ve claimed to ‘trust in God.’  But recently, it’s as if God’s been calling me out on that.  It’s as if he’s been saying, really…are you really trusting me?

Trust, in it’s most basic, is an expression of confidence.

For instance, as I write out these words, I’m trusting in the chair I’m sitting on.  If I didn’t, things would be different.  I’d be focused on my chair—getting a new one, typing while standing, or just nervously waiting for it to break.  If my focus is on my chair, then it’s not on writing this post.

In other words, without that trust in place, I’d be distracted.

Sometimes, I’ve learned, God is silent so that we can practice trusting.  God isn’t always silent.  I can testify to that.  But he is sometimes silent.

The lesson I’m learning is that he is sometimes silent so that I listen better when he’s not.

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